85 things to do in and around Sevilla

  1. Watch a bullfight in the Plaza de Toros, one of the best venues in the world for a corrida. The bullring is famous and the museum itself is worth a visit. Or if you can't stand the idea of a bullfight then try picketing outside and be prepared for a lot of arguments. At least it will make for an interesting story in the local paper. If no events are scheduled, try a visit to the Museum.
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  1. photoVisit the often overlooked Museo Militar (Military Museum) in the Plaza de España. The museum is really impressive, with just about everything: uniforms, medals, toy soldiers, guns, swords, ammunition, medical kits a library and two large replicas: one of the old city center with the complete defensive walls and another of the artillery factory. You'll find the entrance on the first floor (the level above the main plaza which many visitors never get to).

  2. Catch a bus to Carmona - about an hour away - and spend a relaxing day in a pueblo. Carmona has a lot of places to see for a small town, including a Roman necropolis, Moorish buildings and a nice parador overlooking the valley below. If you don't plan to stay at the parador you can still get a drink there. And if you're lucky you can grab a table on the terrace. Buses run fairly frequently from the Prado de San Sebastian bus station, just across from the Murillo Gardens.

  3. Eat an ice cream at Rayas, the best place for ice cream in Sevilla if not all of Europe. On a hot summer night the crowds overwhelm the place as people spill into the street. You can choose from about 30 flavors which change seasonally and even get a to go container to bring it back home. If it's winter try their chocolate shop next door. You'll find Rayas just a block up from the Iglesia San Pedro on Calle Imagen, or their new location at the edge of Calle Zaragoza and Reyes Catolicos.

  4. photoHead to Parque del Alamillo on Monday, Wednesday or Friday afternoons to see the young and aspiring toreros practice against a pair of horns on two bicycle wheels (pushed by another). This is where it all begins (and ends) for many wishing to try their luck in the "big leagues". The park is one of the largest in Sevilla and a popular spot for jogging or taking in a little nature by the river.

  5. Jump on a bus and take it anywhere! Circular routes are fun: you can ride as long as you need to, or at least until the driver notices you aren't getting off anytime soon. Check out the video screens and see what's around at each stop, or just catch up on the day's news. If you like to ride enough get a bónobus for multiple trips or a 3 or 7 day tourist pass which will give you unlimited rides. The C5 mini-bus is a favorite, which takes you to the major monuments and through some of Seville's older neighborhoods.

  6. Catch a flamenco show at Casa de la Memoria or Auditorio Alvarez Quintero, where the price is cheaper than the tablaos but the show better than the average bar. Casa de la Memoria is an interesting venue: an 18th century patio in Santa Cruz which has very limited seating. Auditorio Alvarez Quintero is located just 2 blocks from the Cathedral and includes a small art gallery above the stage.

  7. Eat some of Seville's best Mexican at Bar Ajo Blanco While Bar Ajo Blanco is not a Mexican restaurant, there are several dishes on the menu which are homemade and excellent, such as the tejano. And this is by far Seville's best hot sauce, which is also homemade and contains red pepper flakes, some other spices and oil. Be careful as it will burn a hole in your stomach! Also try traditional dishes like ajo blanco (a white gazpacho) or several of their vegetarian dishes.

  8. Catch a bus or rent a car and head to Punta Umbria to eat at Restaurante Miramar for the best seafood this side of the ocean. Just make sure you call ahead to make a reservation or you may miss your bus back. What used to be a shack on the beach keeps getting bigger and bigger as they've opened yet another dining room and a new kitchen. When you're finished, if the levante isn't kicking up, you can take a stroll on the beach. Telephone number coming soon.

  9. photoWatch a movie in Cine Cervantes on Calle Amor de Dios. It's an old theatre, as in theatrical performances, which dates back to 1873 and is a unique venue to watch a film. The screen is one of the biggest in Sevilla, and while the sound and technology aren't the most "high end" you'll have plenty of space to see the movie, and enjoy the scenery around you when the lights come on.

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