85 things to do in and around Sevilla

  1. If you're traveling around Spain head to the Plaza de España and take a picture of the tiles representing all the places you've visited (there's one for each province!). This makes for a good intro to each section of your photo album, plus you'll learn a little about a significant historical event in each province. They are finishing up the renovations, but most of the province tiles are now restored.

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  1. Rent a Smart Car for a day and smile at others as you parallel park in the tiniest of spaces throughout the city. Just don't bring anything to fit into the trunk - there isn't one! If you're thinking about renting a Smart Car talk to Markus at sevilla5.com. He worked with Mercedes on this project and is sure to have an insider's view of the smallest car in Seville. The car was originally a joint project between Mercedes and Swatch, the swiss watch company.

  2. When you hear the whistle of the afilador, grab your knives and run down to the street to strike up a little conversation as he sharpens the blades on the back of the grinding wheel on his moped. This was one of the most curious things I saw when I first came to Sevilla. Every one of these guys seems to have the same little whistle they carry with them, and they seem to do a good business from restaurants and just everyday folks.

  3. Try and find the face carved into El Patio de las Muñecas in the Alcazar. Representations of people and animals in these works is forbidden in Islam, but this face was hidden for only the sharpest of eyes to find. You will of course find other faces and statues in parts of the Alcazar, as most of it was built after the Reconquest by moorish craftsmen under the direction of the royal family.

  4. Ride the roller coaster at Isla Mágica. Or play miniature golf on the course which is a replica of the many sites of Andalucia. Or try one of the four different water rides which seem to be the most popular of all, especially during the summer. You'll find the park just across the Barqueta bridge and you can buy a season pass if you're so inclined. It's also interesting to see how they've reused some of the Expo land.

  5. Check out the giant mushrooms in Plaza Encarnación where one of the most modern bits of architecture is going up in Seville city center. This will hold the Encarnación market which has been provisional since 1974! You can't miss the project, as the towers (or mushrooms) are several stories high. Once done, visitors will be able to buy fresh foods, visit the ruins below the market, or have a drink at the top of the mushrooms in a bar with a view of the surrounding city.

  6. Dine like the king for breakfast as you order up some churros at the stand on Calle Arfe. Rumor has it that when the King stays in the Alcazar he sends someone out to this site to pick up his morning breakfast of churros. This is a very popular breakfast option during Corpus Cristi when the lines get very long. You'll find the location right next to the gate of El Postigo. Just don't ask for chocolate - they only sell the churros.

  7. Eat at the Restaurante La Basilica on Avda de la Buhaira, the site of what was to be a large neo-gothic cathedral designed by Anibal Gonzalez. The restaurant is mostly glass so you can see the original foundation for the cathedral. Unfortunately it was never completed because of the death of Gonzalez shortly after construction began. Two towers were planned which would have been taller than the Giralda. To the right is a photo or the original construction site.

  8. Take the stairs down below into the underground parking garage in Puerta de la Carne. On the first level behind the attendants office is a small window looking into a preserved tomb from the Jewish cemetery discovered during the construction. The site was just outside of the old city wall, and as with every project in Seville, when they began work for the garage they uncovered something historic.

  9. photoStop by Lo Nuestro on Calle Betis for more of an improvised, neighborhood flamenco show. There's flamenco every night. If you want more you don't have to look very far - just follow the sounds on the streets behind calle Betis to find another bar. And if you are looking for more nocturnal activity just pop into one of the many bars along the river on Calle Betis, where Seville's nightlife never stops.

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