85 things to do in and around Sevilla

  1. Play in one of the many fountains in the renovated Alameda de Hercules - Especially nice on a hot day. Your options will range from a light mist to an all out soaking depending on which one you choose. Then relax and dry off on one of the nearby benches as you sip a beer or a nice tinto de verano.
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  1. PhotoEnjoy a glass of sweet orange wine at Bar La Goleta on calle Mateos Gago. This dark, sweet wine might be considered an acquired taste but it's the perfect way to start the night with a drink before some tapas. The bar is owned and operated by Alvaro Peregil, the son of Pepe Peregil, a well known flamenco singer Seville who also happens to own a few bars around the Santa Catalina and Alflafa neighborhoods.

  2. PhotoBrowse the selection of antique and replica Feria and Toros posters in Poster Felix - the store on Avenida Constitución is like a small museum where you can find old, original posters from Seville events such as the Feria de Abril, Bullfights and Semana Santa. They also often have replica posters so you can buy the most recent Feria or Semana Santa poster, and even some antique Cruzcampo memorabilia.

  3. Losa floor in Hostal La GloriaTake a minute to view the suelos de losa in Mosaic del Sur. If you have visited a historic building, home, hotel or restaurant, then the chances are you have seen some beautiful losa floors (suelos de losa). The floors are made of hydraulic pressed concrete with designs featuring plenty of colors and patterns. The floors went out of style for a while but it seems now that everyone wants them back. Take a look at the selection on Calle Cuesta de Rosario in the store Mosaic del Sur. They often have a slide show going, showing how the floors are made.

  4. PhotoTake a trip down below and ride Seville's new Metro.  If you’ve tried my idea of riding one of the circular buses around for fun then why not try the metro!  This can take you as far as the university (Pablo Olavide) or to more practical areas such as Nervion Plaza and Parque de los Principes. Think of it as a challenge when you get to the ticket machine and try understanding how many “saltos” are required.  I think they could have made this easier…

  5. PhotoVisit one of Seville's smallest chapels, the Capilla de la Pura y Limpia Concepción.  If you have little time but can spare a few seconds for a quick Hail Mary, you can surely fit in a visit to this chapel located in the Arenal neighborhood adjacent to the famous Postigo Arch.  This is one of Seville’s smallest chapels featuring the image of a Virgin Mary which dates back to the 1750’s. The capilla is so small that you can’t enter.  But you can see in from the street, just keep an eye on any cars which may be coming through the arch.

  6. PhotoGamble away your trip fund so you can head home early and penniless.  It ain’t Vegas, but if you feel the need to play a little Black Jack or Poker, or perhaps try your luck with the slot machines, you can find it all at the Casino outside of Seville in the hills of Aljarafe.  Easy to reach by bus or car, they also have 4 restaurants to choose from (We found that some of the restaurants are often closed on certain days).

  7. PhotoSee the Old Artillery Factory.  The original bronze factory on this site dates back to 1565. The factory was also home to French troops during Napoleon's invasion. What stands today is from the late 18th century, covers over 20,000 square meters and is just to your right as you pass the Puente de Bomberos from Santa Cruz towards the Buhaira Gardens. Plans are to renovate it, but the decision as to exactly what it will be has not been made.

  8. PhotoTake a look at Sevilla through the camera obscura.  The original idea of the "camera obscura" (Latin) dates back to Aristotle, or really before to Mo-Ti in China according to Wikipedia. The one in Seville is located in the Macarena district in a small park within the Torre de los Perdigones and costs about 4 Euros. You will see an image of the city projected in real time thanks to several mirrors and the "ancient" ideas of smart people.

  9. PhotoTake a horse carriage ride.  While it doesn't come cheap - maybe around 40 Euros - taking a horse drawn carriage ride is certainly romantic. Favorite routes include around the Cathedral and out to the Parque Maria Luisa where you can visit the Plaza de España. If you don't have the money to ride you can take a photo in one - just remember to tip the driver a little something for their trouble!

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