I know, you're probably saying enough already with the background on the site. I already read the Who Am I section and your intro on the homepage. Well, you're right, and someday some of that stuff may go away. For now I want to bother you more...just kidding - I kid because I love. Below is more my "site philosophy" of sorts. If there is a such a thing, this is what I'm trying to do with my site. If I were a company this would be my "mission statement".

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Current and accurate information

I'll always try to keep up to date on changes as often as I can in terms of events and daily life such as new pictures, content and sections . I'm only one person so from time to time I may miss something. I welcome any email updates on something I should check out. I'll always try to provide the most accurate information I can, from my own experiences to basic facts. I welcome any emails offering corrections or more detailed information.

Personal point of view

Whenever possible I will give my point of view on the information I provide. There are many sites (not all of them!) which simply state the facts and I'm not sure that's what everyone needs. I can always pick up a book or go to the official tourist page to get the facts. Other sites push their own agenda, always trying to sell you something or someone's services, and thus lose significant credibility. It ain't free to run a website in most cases and some balance this quite well - check out Multimadrid.com! Anything you can purchase or arrange through my site will be something I am comfortable with, know and trust, and feel is useful. Yet I realize insight into how things work, the best way to approach a different culture or a specific situation is often more helpful than anything you can buy. I think it's important to read how someone reacts to visiting, living or studying in Seville and Spain. That's what will happen to you when you come here: you will react and interpret everything during your visit because it's a direct experience for you.

Type of content

I will try to provide as much visual content as possible, but will also spare no space if I can explain things with a little more of the written word. The web is a visual experience but some topics will interest you more and you'll want to read as much as you can about them. As often as possible I'll also try to provide photos of the little things so you can expect what to see when you get here. However, you will see large chunks of text without a photo from time to time. You will also see some larger photo sizes - both in dimension and file size - in my albums because I hate to trim down images when I can avoid doing so. Anything less and I'd feel like I'm taking away too much from the experience. I'll also try and keep on topic as often as possible. If you want my advice on fashion or are looking for funny links and pages you may want to look elsewhere.

Keep it simple

I try to adhere to a good deal of usability standards when I'm able to. I use Dreamweaver for editing and creating pages and whenever possible flat, static HTML pages. I like to keep things as simple as possible, not only because it is in keeping with my skill level, but also because it let's me concentrate on investigating, writing and taking pictures. Plain text is also better for those with disabilities and I do want everyone to be able to enjoy the content of my pages. Text also doesn't hurt with the search engines out there. I love Flash but not for my site and hey, it's another skill I'm lacking! But seriously, I won't cram flash down your throat - if I plan to add it some day you will always have a choice of viewing it and the default will always be non-Flash. I know, maybe I'm just crazy considering all the pages out there using it, but I'm not crazy about waiting for an advertisement about your page to load either - I'm already there dammit! Finally, this page is better viewed in Internet Explorer but I always try to proof in Firefox as well. That doesn't mean it's always going to be pretty in both - the folks at Microsoft don't make it easy on people building web pages. While I plan for 800x600 resolution I do not use this setting on my display, so some things may look better if you adjust your settings to 1024x768 (just a suggestion and not a necessity).

Answering your questions

Send them to me! I love helping people out when I can. Sometimes it may take a few days, other times a few minutes and other times a few weeks. I am human and have a job, sometimes I am lazy and other times life doesn't go so well and I can't get to every email. But I will do my best to answer a question you send my way. When I was searching for information before my move it was difficult. So why get overly frustrated when you can fire off an email. If I don't know the answer you can then get frustrated or pick a forum from my travel forums page.

Using my content

It's what I hope you'll do! You can always copy bits of information from my page and paste it into a word document or other form to take it on the road with you. If I kept you from copying the information I'd be doing you a disservice! So if you take some info I just ask you don't use it on your site or for commercial purposes unless you ask permission and offer a link back to my page. Please do ask permission first, and don't just link. And absolutely no use of inline image links - my server get's enough traffic, thanks, and I don't feel like paying to serve up images for your page (you know who you are out there, and do know I can move the images in my directories every day if I have to!) Nothing more, nothing less. All of the content is copyrighted and I do have a lawyer out there somewhere but I'm a reasonable fellow, most of the time...Anyway, copy and paste away for your personal use if it helps you in your travels.



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