# Muleta A small red cloth stretched over a stick (Palo)
# Capote The red cape
# Paseillo The parade of fighters at the beginning
# Corrida A Bullfighting show
# Espada The matador's sword also called the ESTOQUE
# Matador The top bullfighter
# Novilladas Beginners fights
# Rejoneadores Horse-mounted fighters
# Toril Enclosure for the bulls
# Picador Fighter to weaken the bull
# Banderillas Barbed darts on coloured shafts placed into the bull's shoulders
# Puntilla A dagger that is stabbed into the base of the bull's skull
# Puerta grande The main door to the arena
# Gradas Highest seats at the back of the ring (cheapest seats)
# Barreras Front seats
# Sol/Sombra Sun/Shade - the choice as to where you sit
Sol y Sombra
# Plaza de Toros Bullring

Semana Santa vocabulary:

paso = procession
virgin = virgin
cristo - christ
torrijas - like french toast, a typical food prepared in Semana Santa
la salida - the exit of a procession from a church (the start of the procession)
la entrada - the entrance of a procession in a church (the end of the procession)
incienso - incense
vela - candle
hermandad - church fraternity or brotherhood
La Madrugada -

Feria Vocabulary

caballo - horse
Charco de la pava - possible new setting for Feria in the years to come

coche de caballo - horse drawn carriage
corrida - bullfight
jerez - sherry
fino - sherry
Los Remedios - neighborhood next to Feria grounds
Sevillanas - flamenco-like dance with origin in Sevilla,
tienda - tent
traje - dress or suit
borracho - drunk (estar borracho = to be drunk; ser borracho = to be a drunk)

Sevillanas both the music and dance typical of Seville’s April Fair, influenced by flamenco.

Alumbrado the official opening of the week-long April Fair, the streets of the Fair and the portal are all lighted at once, at midnight on Monday evening.

Caseta roughly1000 brightly coloured canvas tents, set up especially for the April Fair.

Portada de feria the main entrance to the April Fair, every year it is designed differently, representing a different architectural masterpiece typical of Seville.

El Real the site or grounds of the Fair.

Enganches horse-drawn carriages, especially decorated for Seville’s April Fair.

Traje de flamenco the typical dress worn by women in the Fair. Different in design every year, it is always floor-length and is generally brightly-colored.

Traje corto the typical dress of men in the April Fair (although not so commonly worn). It consists of tight-fitting trousers, a short jacket, and a characteristic brimmed hat.

Corrida de toros bull fights, traditionally the most spectacular during the April Fair in Seville.

Sajones chaps worn by horse riders during the Fair of Seville.

Fino dry white wine or sherry from Jerez, typical drink of the April Fair of Seville.

Manzanilla dry white wine or sherry from Sanlucar, typical drink of the April Fair, whose primary distinguishing characteristic is that it is less hangover-causing than Fino.

Rebujito a light, refreshing drink consisting of Fino or Manzanilla and Sprite.

Pescaito fried fish and seafood, typically eaten at the Fair of Seville and especially the evening of the alumbrado.

Churros con chocolate strips of fried bread dough with cups of thick hot chocolate, typical breakfast at the Seville’ April Fair after a night of eating, drinking and dancing.

Calle del infierno the part of the April Fairgrounds with rides and attractions, called ‘hell street’ because of its extreme loudness.

Shopping Vocabulary - stores









tienda de alimentacion


bars and restaurants








Dining out by type



Middle-Eastern and Morrocan


Vegetarian and Vegan




Solomillo al Whiski
Solomillo al Roque
Solomillo al Oporto
Solomillo a la Castellano
Albondigas - in Sevilla, almost always a mix of pork and beef

Rabo de Toro


Lagrimas de Pollo
Alitas de Pollo
Pollo al Ajillo

Cured Meats
jamón Iberico
jamón Serrano


Merluza - hake
Rosado - flounder
Cazon en adobo- fried dogfish marinated in vinagre, parsley and garlic.
Boquerones - anchovies is the translation but these are less salty and closer to smelt in flavor.
Calamares - squid
Choco - larger squid
Mejillones - mussels
Almejas - clams
Navajuelas - ....


& Shellfish