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posted 02-07-2003 09:48 AM
Hmmm....Eddie you could cery well be correct. I do know that the weather was quite warm at the beginning of the week as we used the air conditioning in our hotel--Hotel Becquer on calle Reyes Catolicos--quite nice. (I was living and studying abroad and my husband and I were doing a really long-distance commuter marriage. I was boarding with a widow and her two teenage daughters. We took a hotel when my husband came to visit.)

And I know that on Good Friday and Holy Saturday we ate outside at the terrazos on Calle Betis in the Triana area. So, it could be that it was really hot. Having lived in southern Spain for quite awhile, I don't tend to notice the weather until it is over 100 F.

However, I know I have pictures of me on Holy Thursday (the night before you mention) and I am wearing a short skirt, short sleeved shirt and light sweater. I do remember the light rain that year and that quite a few processions weren't able to go (because of possible damage to the statues and floats). I am pretty certain that one which didn't go was one of the most famous-- El Estudiente from the University of Seville. I was particularly interested in that one because friends from the university were penitentes in that cofradía.

Neat to know that we were there at the same time. Lucky you being retired. My last day at work (in about 12 years) is the same day we will be moving back to Spain.

Here is a link to a site that explains in English all the stages/particpants in a procession:

There used to be a great Spanish site (at least to my obsessive-compulive mind) that listed each brotherhood, its history, color of garments and tons of details. I thought I had it bookmarked. If I can find it, I will post it again.

Other important processions to see are El Silencio, Jesus del Gran Poder and of course, La Macarena & La Esperanza de Triana as already mentioned. Some processions are loud and boisterous and the crowd shouts out compliments to the Virgin and others process in silence and are very moving.


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Need help with hotel choices please! (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla)
Suzanne Walker - 04:05pm Aug 23, 2002 EST

Hello all! I am traveling for the first time to Spain this October. I am so very overwhelmed by the hotel choices, and also the number of postings on here and Frommers! This is the list of hotels I have narrowed my selections down to, due to rooms available and price. If anyone has a moment, can you please share your opinions? I'd love to hear both positive and negative. (located close to sites? safe & clean? more local ambiance, rather than chain hotel feel? pleasing interiors? helpful staff?) If you see that your favorite hotel isn't on my little list, please let me know! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! -Sue

Madrid: Hotel Europa, Carlos V, Hotel Madrid, Hotel Regente, Santo Domingo, Hotel Plaza Mayor.

Barcelona: Regencia Colon, Hotel Colon, Hotel Continental, Avenida Palace, Meson Castilla, Hotel Gran Via, Hotel Jardi.

Sevilla: Hotel Simon, Hotel Becquer, Hotel Amadeus.


Donna Cuervo (1 of 22)
04:12pm Aug 29, 2002 EST
It's very difficult to figure out what your price range is, since the hotels you mention are all over the place price-wise.

Here are some comments on the ones I've stayed in:


Santo Domingo - near the opera house but some distance from the museums. 4* hotel. It was nicely decorated, but not as nice as the brochure. If you decide to stay here, try to get the low weekend rates if you have a Fri, Sat or Sun in your stay. I had a great package that included a bottle of champagne and a dinner. It was good value, but I wouldn't stay at regular rates. I think the Suecia Hotel is a better hotel and a better located choice in this price range.

Carlos V - I stayed here years ago. It's a good lower priced hotel located in a fairly convenient shopping area. It was ok. Recently I've heard people rave about it, so maybe they've improved.

Plaza Mayor - I didn't stay, but I had a look when I passed by a few months ago. It's cheap and has an excellent location. If that's what you want, it might be a good choice.


Meson Castilla - I stayed here recently and wrote at length about it further down this message board. I wouldn't go back.

Colon and Avenida Palace - upscale and expensive

Regencia Colon - a lower priced sister hotel to the Colon. Not bad.

Gran Via - I liked it years ago. Excellent and safe location.

Jardi - Inexpensive Barrio Gotico hotel. I'd be nervous returning to this area alone at night.


I'd forget these and try to get a room at Las Casas de La Juderia. It is just beautiful. The rooms are set around a Sevillan patio with a little fountain. My room was really nice, and the price was reasonable. I hated to leave.

Simon - I stayed here years ago for Expo 92. It's only a 1*, but not bad in that category. The rooms are plain and it's old, but it's set around a charming patio which is a nice place to have breakfast. You could probably stay here very cheaply.

Becquer - modern well located hotel in a convenient location. My room had air conditioning that I could regulate myself. A nice hotel, but no Sevillan atmosphere. It could be anywhere.

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Author: richardab (
Date: 02/19/2004, 06:16 pm
Message: I am almost done with my planning process for ***inexpensive*** centrally located Seville hotels. After extensive research these are the hotels I found with rooms available in the beginning of April. Which is best? All are in that magic 100 euro range (or less!).

1. Hotel Albanico
2. Hotel Regina
3. Hotel Murillo
4. Hotel Becquer

I would appreciate any other ideas but I have been online for 3 days and I bet I already checked .



Author: 10YearAnniversary (
Date: 11/11/2003, 11:34 am
Message: Hello to everyone - thank you all so much for the great information you have already provided. My itinerary has shifted a bit due to all the great feedback I have received. It will be busy still, but we like to see lots of different things and expect to come back to Spain soon after getting the teaser in about 6 months. The itinerary is as follows with my questions following:

May 28 - Madrid for a full day
May 29 - Madrid for a second full day
May 30 - Toledo for a day
May 31-June 3 - Seville for 4 romantic days
June 4-11 - Portugal (Algarve) for relax
June 12 - back to Madrid to fly home

1.) which hotel should we stay while in Madrid. We have a top budget of 100 Euros per night. We value location and charm most, as we want it to feel like Europe and like to walk most everywhere - Hotel Preciados, Hotel Europa, Hotel Emperatriz, other?
2.) would you spend more than one day and night in Toledo and is the Hostal del Cardenal worth the money?
3.) where to stay in Seville - Hotel Becquer or Hotel Amadeus or other?
4.) how would you travel from Madrid to Toledo and then from Toledo to Seville - train or rent a one-way car rental from Madrid to Toledo to Seville, dropping off in Seville
5.) where to eat, where to eat, where to eat?
6.) I understand that the invaluable Maribel has files available that would be most helpful for someone like me trying to plan his first trip to Spain - any idea on how to get them?
7.) Any other advice, suggestions, helpful tips, opinions, constructive criticism, etc?

Thank you to everyone for your help!


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