Cabalgada de Reyes
Location: Center, Nervión, Triana
Dates: January 5th
This exists in many forms on the 5th of December. Much like a Christmas parade back home, the Reyes Magos throw candies to the children as they pass through the streets in a procession. There are many to see, from the larger procession in the center to the cabalgadas organized in many of the neighborhoods such as Nervión and Triana.




Mercado de Artesania
Location: Plaza Nueva
Dates: December 19th - January 8th
This is perhaps the best place to find gifts for the holidays, with plenty of art, crafts, jewelry, clothing and more to choose from. All sold directly from the makers to you, plus a demonstration booth and even a bar at the far end of Plaza Nueva. More information on the holidays can be found in this month's feature.