The Hotel La Música de Sevilla is best described as an annex, as it lies just 5 meters, from the Hotel Amadeus. There is one building which separates the two, so they have given the new building a separate name. The reception is located in Hotel Amadeus, although La Música de Sevilla will have two common salons on the ground floor. The rooms in La Música de Sevilla are larger and higher in category than Hotel Amadeus.

The new building was formerly an art gallery and the building is of the same historical nature as the Hotel Amadeus. There are several reasons why La Música de Sevilla is considered by us to be higher in category:

- the rooms are larger, and floors, windows and doors are sound-proofed.

- the bathrooms are better equipped, most including showers with hydro-massage.

- there are only 6 rooms in the building, so the atmosphere is more private. There are no more than 2 rooms per floor.

- The elevator reaches the first tier of the hotel roof terrace.

- The rooms have very small kitchenettes with microwave (no stove/hob)

The amenities are typical of three and four star hotels (because the reception is in Hotel Amadeus, La Música de Sevilla is technically categorized as Apartment/Suites, although rooms are rented per night) The building has two roof top terraces, and guests are welcome to use the facilities at Hotel Amadeus (with an additional roof top terrace). The furnishings and decorations are excellent – restored antiques and other furniture are the same as Hotel Amadeus, superior in some cases. The hotel has the original ceramic tiles and either marble or losa (colored hydraulic pressed) floors.

The family has been very careful to design and construct the hotel in keeping with, or superior to, the standards of Hotel Amadeus. The son was the architect for the renovations (as with Hotel Amadeus), and the rest of the family has overseen the work and selected all of the furnishings and decoration.

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