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Friday, January 9th "Moving...and moving"

Sometimes there's nothing more to think about, except this time. I wish I could say it was all I was worried about but work is picking up at the wrong time! Anyway, I just want to write about the move. I have a list of maybe 40 things we need to do that don't involve the actual packing and moving of boxes. Changing addresses, bills, contracts and deposits, copying keys, new utilities, storing furniture are just a few things. Really, after moving from the US to Spain I should keep quiet about this, but it's moving and I can't ever remember in my life looking at moving as something "fun" or "positive". The prospect of being disconnected - I am an internet junky - for a whole week is weighing one me. So I should have some really in depth and good reviews of some cyber cafes in the next few weeks. If you don't hear from me please be patient for a few days. Regardless, I will find time and some way to update the site!