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Friday, February 6th "It's a USB modem delivered to my door!"

Another segment in what they call "Telefonica Rage" on If you've been keeping up with my semi-daily entries on this page then you know the story of the USB modem or Wi-Fi set-up. Three changed orders and many weeks waiting my wireless equipment, something I do look at as a luxury and now more of a pain in the ass. Guess what came to my door the other day? Guess??? There's a picture of it here, and it has little to do with anything wireless! I am now on my fourth order and even the last Telefonica rep admitted things were getting pretty strange with our series of orders. I think someone is finally realizing that four orders for the same thing means someone over there screwed up. I also have to take my pick from four user ids and passwords - I'm thinking about selling them to someone... Seriously, I am trying to decide what to do with the USB modem sent to me. They say it's free but then threatened to charge us if we don't return it. To return it we have to pay for shipping back to them. I don't think I'll be paying the shipping nor the fee for the modem, but am considering doing one of those stupid "troll" photo series over the next month or so - "here is your modem having a tapa at Las Columnas" and then "Greetings from Cádiz - your USB modem" and then to end it all a picture of the modem as it makes it's drop from the Triana bridge to the river below. Maybe I just hate ISP's - I never admired Time Warner for their excellence in service or my first ISP from Saginaw, Michigan (can't remember their name) who advertised in the local paper that they had local dial up access for my town even though the number was a long distance call (some $150 later we realized the mistake). So I'm not going to say it's worse in Spain - it's more like a disease that the "connected" will have to live with the rest of our lives.