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Wednesday, March 24th "Hello; Semana Santa and a few small updates"

Things have been crazy lately, with a lot of side projects so I have been terribly bad about posting new updates. The good news is I've been taking a lot of photos so I have some great stuff coming soon. You may not know it but Semana Santa has already arrived - as you'll see in my new photo album tomorrow.

After 2 months I am finally wireless in my apartment and have been enjoying the use of my PocketPC to check email, browse the web and all of that good stuff. In between I've learned Wanadoo has a much better deal than the rest for wireless, so more on that soon. Today I spent 13 hours in the stree except for a quick lunch, so it;s time to get some rest. Tournament time has been a disappointment for me, mainly due to CBS's lack of knowledge in streaming video as well as block outs (I can't watch the nationally televised game if I'm not in the nation!!!). So please pardon me once again for less updates - they will be done in batch form this one last time.