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Friday March 28th "TV, basketball, and bars"

Finally had the issues with ftp access worked out so I am posting the page and updating it for the first time in a while. Today we receive our television which has been in the shop for 5 weeks. If you're ever in Seville and need someone to work on your TV, whatever you do don't call these folks: Asistencia Tecnica Geseco S.L. After being told on a Wednesday that their technician would be sick until the following Tuesday (during a holiday weekend...hmmm) we then waited another 2 weeks for them to order the parts and another 2 weeks for them to fix the television. After we made 30 phone calls they finally decided it was ready for this weekend!

I am in mourning today, as Duke lost to Kansas in the NCAA's 69-65. We played a good game, and with a young team we should get some revenge should they play us next year. As for Betis, we've gone 5 games without winning, but hope to change that this weekend against Valencia, although we'll be without Denilson and Assunçao.

Went out later tonight - La Moneda - expensive, but good tapas. Someone started to joke about the Pentagon and how it was full of ass-holes. Waiter, noticing that I was American - and with my new military haircut - started to back away and decided not to laugh. The last few days with my haircut have been fun - most people are scared I am from the military base. Have noticed many strange stares, but all in all pretty good - people tend to leave me alone! Later, went to Sierra Mayor, and then to El Perro Andaluz for a few beers and one shot of tequila. This place starts up around 2 or 3am, just when we were leaving. No Thin Lizzy tonight, but plenty of U2 (blah) and some other classics. Other nights we've listened to Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, etc. A nice throw back...

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