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Monday, April 1st "April fools is my birthday; How do you get NASN in Spain? - I'll buy the beer"

Today is April Fool's Day and good luck pulling a joke on a Spaniard without being looked at as a truly dumb guiri. Still for my family members I've made a couple of bad jokes. Turns out the day for jokes in Spain falls on my birthday - December 28th. This is the day of Santos Inocentes, and is quite famous for the exact same type of "tom-foolery" (I always wanted to use that word) that is expected in the states for April 1st - jokes in the local news, the radio, and of course from your friends and co-workers. As for my birthday being on the same day it's something I'll never hear the end of. Thankfully between Christmas and New Year's I don't tend to celebrate it much.

Ahhh...the North American Sports Network - how I want this channel. Does anyone have it in Sevilla? College football and basketball plus a bunch of other sports you will not get in Europe and of course not in Spain. And I'm not talking about just championships for college sports. They televise regular season games, the ACC basketball tournament and the entire NCAA basketball tournament. They televise Thanksgiving football, both pro and college!

I know I will never ever get the answer to this question, but I ask in hopes someone will point me in the right direction. In fact, if you can point me in the direction of a bar with this channel in Sevilla I will happily take you out for not one, but several beers. Add to that several tapas as well. This is not an April Fool's joke! While the demand might not yet be here it seems there's a price to everything, no? They pay 15 Euros per month more or less in the UK and I would probably part with 20 per month to have this channel. But Digital Plus will likely never offer it. Sometimes I wish I decided to move to the UK rather than Spain. Actually, just during college basketball season, and even then I think I'm full of it. Spain it was and Spain it still is. Just give me this damn channel already!