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Thursday April 3rd "DVD"

Spent last night trying to configure our new DVD-VHS player we bought at El Corte Inglés. After 3 hours, hooking it up to 2 tv's and my computer we finally got it to work. Granada went to sleep out of frustration and exhaustion (and the fact that we did nothing different - it just finally worked). I meanwhile went to the corner bar, El Perro Andaluz, around 12:30 to drink a beer and read a magazine. Aside from a friend of the bartender and a 70-year-old fellow who was very out of place there was nobody there. Returned at 1:30, ate two slice of cheese for dinner and that was it.

So today I am starving, and we are planning to eat earlier. Will head to Blanco Cerrillo for the weekly media racion of boquerones en adobo, and then hopefully to Bar Barrato II (not really the name but it is cheap) for arroz (rice).

Semana Santa (Holy Week) is only 10 days away, so we are planning to stock up on food since it's impossible to squeeze into a bar. While it will be good to see, Sevilla is so crowded that many people leave. As this will be my first time here for the whole week, and we live right next to a church where there is a paso we decided to stay.

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