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Friday April 4th Pt II: "Nightlife"

2:56 am - Spent the night eating and then an hour or two at El Perro Andaluz. Menu for today:

  • Mejillones (Mussels) @ El Rincon Gallego
  • Empanda Gallega (Tuna empanada) @ El Rincon Gallego
  • Pulpo (Octopus) @ El Rincon Gallego
  • Boquerones en Adobo (Fish...the food of the Gods) @ Blanco Cerrillo
  • Pavia (Fish of some sort...) @ Blanco Cerrillo


El Perro Andaluz

The bartenders at El Perro Andaluz are getting used to my face...a great place to pass an hour or two or three. Not to mention just 100 feet from home.

Theme songs for tonight courtesy of Tom Petty: "Good to be King" and "To Find a Friend"...the latter of which I am feeling now. Miss my friends. Having a great time here, but could never forget the people I know and where I'm from.

Links for today: Live TV from around the world

Panoramic View of Guadalquivir River