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Wednesday, April 23rd "The Agency"

Always nice to have a good travel agent. Went to Los Remedios today, about a 45 minute walk to the agency. Los Remedios is a newer (relatively) section of Sevilla. Streets are all in a grid, with newer buidlings, richer people, but lacking in some of the charm of the old center of the city. I was presented with a few options to travel back to the states so I could renew my visa, one involving a 3 hour stop in Paris where I would have to pick up my bags and catch a bus to the another airport there, unload and catch a new flight. The problem would be the return trip, in which I would have to do all of this and go through customs in Paris. As luck would have it this was the only option available to me, so I made a reservation. Later that day the travel agent calls and has found a better flight, although it requires that I catch the AVE to Madrid at 10pm, catch a cab to the airport and stay there until 7am. After that the flights take me directly to my destination, and the return leg takes me right back to Sevilla. Not wanting to spend anytime in Paris, especially two airports, I decide this is the best option.

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