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Saturday, April 26th "El Cine; The Weather; This Page"


Went to see Dreamcatcher last night. Don't bother - aside from a few scenes of interest the ending is pretty bad. Another example of a trailer making a movie look better than it is. In terms of seeing a movie here, a few interesting notes: like in many theatres in the US you can buy your tickets online. Unlike many, at least where I'm from, you can reserve your seats. We got two great seats by reserving online 3 hours in advance, and then picking them up at a little ATM type machine instead of waiting in line. Another great feature of the theatre we went to are the candy stores next to them. About 150 bins with every candy you can think of. You just take what you want, put it in a bag and they weigh it at the end. A fairly large bag costs about 4 €. Nice to go to a theatre and not get ripped off when buying candy. Other things to expect:

  • reduced prices on Wednesday and Thursday all day and all night
  • midnight sessions (sesión golfa) for all movies, not just a few.

As for the weather, I am quickly learning that internet forecasts here are useless. Even if you get the forecast from the same television station they won't be the same. For example - Canal Sur TV said it would rain today, but online it says it wouldn't. We woke up to rain this morning.

Finally, this page will soon - very soon - go through some changes. I am going to split up the Sevilla, personal, and political parts. My daily dribble (writings) will still appear on the Sevilla part. So if you see some weird things please know I am working to separate everything over the next week.

Links for today:

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