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Monday, April 28th "Parque María Luisa"

Yesterday afternoon we went to Parque María Luisa to rent one of those 4 person bikes. They look like little cars, complete with the headlights and two steering wheels. The steering wheel on the right does nothing but spin round and round, however. With four people it can be fun - we passed many of the horse and buggy folks, and were able to get up to some good speeds. In about 35 minutes we made our way through the entire park, at least where we were permitted to ride. Main highlights were the Plaza de España and Plaza de América, as well as a stop for a granizada de limón. Towards the end we were running late and had to cut through on a dirt path (against the rules) to make it back in time to return the bike. Rental is by the 1/2 hour here, and you can choose between 2-person and 4-person bikes. There are two rental stations within the park on most days. Prices for 1/2 hour:

  • 6€ for 2-person
  • 8€ for 4 person
El Perro Andaluz

A few other things you can do in the park:

  • coffee, beer, drinks, and tapas at many of the bars around the park gates
  • play with the pigeons in Plaza America
  • see Prehistoric, Roman and Arabic art the Archaeological Museum in Plaza de América
  • see an exhibit in the Pabellón Mudéjar

Later we took a few photos of the Plaza de España at night.

Links for today:

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