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Monday, May 10th "Red tape continues"

Some day soon I will be able to explain some of the read tape issues and what they relate to. For now my fight with Spanish bureaucracy goes on with little complaint, so guess I should give up on calling it a fight. Perhaps I built it up to be a little worse than it actually is. So far several government offices have been visited with much success and little wait. Once things are over I'll hopefully have a full report. Having connections does help immensely. Between a family member and a friend I've managed to shave a month or two off this entire process. While not in all cases get used to this little red thing in the photo. You'll often have to take a number and wait your turn - keep your eye on the number which flashes on the little screen. This system is of course in place just about everywhere you go even if you're not in a government office: banks, groceries and other stores make good use of the ticket dispenser. Whoever is selling them has found a good business.