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Monday, May 24th "Hotels and hostals"

Finally, I talk a lot about work and projects and perhaps I've not been forthcoming about some of the things I work on. For clients and certain projects I feel obligated to keep things confidential, at least until sites launch! Sevilla is a city but when it comes to similar interests and competition it becomes very small. Everyone knows everyone else for the most part and often on a first name basis. Some people and sites spend too much time competing rather than collaborating. I always think you can learn and work together with just about anyone, although some people out there just don't get it. You can compete during the day but go out and have a beer together and relax for pedro's sake! You may find a way to work or help each other out that you never thought of. In the past several months I've been working with to create new hotel and hostal pages. We're both sites about Seville and some of our content is similar. Well, I have much more content :) but a lot of the same people hop around on both of our websites. Markus, the man behind, runs a great service for people renting apartments, finding language schools and now offering hotel and hostal reservations. I say great because he does a very good job taking care of his customers. That's really important - it's one thing to make a dollar but it's another thing to do something well as you make that dollar. We've had some fun, shared several beers and of course worked a lot. Now you can reserve directly online with us! So check out the new hotel and hostal page! Our sites will remain separate but we'll continue to work on projects together. My site will soon offer links for each hotel and hostal so you can make a reservation directly at