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Thursday, May 29th "Día de San Fernando; Beatles Country-Rock; Spam"

Tomorrow is a día de fiesta here in celebration of Fernando III. Arab occupation in Sevilla began the year 712, and it took over 500 years for someone to take it back. After a 15 month seige on the city, Fernando III finally conquered Sevilla on December 22nd, 1248. So we will have the day off thanks to Fernando III, and tomorrow they will open his tomb in the Cathedral for all to see his body. So, again, we will have the day off...

Another part of our celebration tomorrow will be to see "El Paso", a local band here, in El Perro Andaluz. They play country-rock versions of the Beatles, hopefully in spanish to make it more interesting. El Perro Andaluz was sold during my trip to the U.S., and there is now live music there 4-5 times a week. The new owners seem a little more interested in serving drinks and attending to the folks in the bar than the previous ones, who must have seen the writing on the wall and decided to stop serving most of their patrons. The new owners also plan to expand next door making the bar even bigger. They are also friends with the owners of La Huerta, a great tapas place just down the street, who also happen to be friends with the president of our apartment complex. As long as business goes well it should be one big happy family here in Santa Catalina.

Finally, did I mention how much I love spam? I'm not sure if anyone reads this crap, and when my connection slows to a snail's pace I think of these idiots. What they've "promised" me today:

Personal Assistant "There are 4 lenders who want to contact you ASAP."
Culinary Schools "There's incredible food in your future"
Accounts Payable "$860 E-Transfer to your account - Instructions Enclosed"
Notice of Distribution "Your Shipment Status"
Cashier 34768 "860 Dollars Remains Unclaimed- Instructions Enclosed"
Ann Marie "Get extra cash without perfect Credit. Once in a life time opportunity"
Card Search "You'll love this - a free credit card search..."
Auto Loan Approvals "60 second Auto Loan App. All Credit Types Accepted."
Unlimited nights & weekends with "F R E_E Camera Phone offer expires 5/31"
Dirt Cheap Inks "Save up to 85% off ink + free freight offer"
Issuance Supervisor "Re: Your Platinum Credit Card ($7,500.00)"
Find Love TODAY! "You Have a Secret Admirer - Find out who!"