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Wednesday, June 4th "The heat"

Here we are in the first few days of June and already the heat is bothering me. While it is only 34° today we spent too much of the afternoon in the sun. Our plans moving forward are to be out by 9am and back here by 12:30 to avoid the hottest part of the day. Can you say siesta? This is how the siesta came about way back when, especially without air conditioning. It was simply too hot to be out in the streets during the afternoon, so why not eat in the shade and then sleep it off. I never had trouble embracing the idea of the siesta - who wouldn't want to sleep after a big meal at lunch? I am now understanding the heat part of the equation and have even more reason to stay inside during the afternoon.

Stores are also beginning their summer hours and closing a bit earlier - around 1:30 - and staying open a little later. Thank god we have air conditioning here...