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Tuesday, August 17th "Where is my Visa? It’s in the mail"

Now 7-10 days overdue from when they told me it would arrive I am trying to remain calm. After two calls I was promised they would return my call the same day. Never got a return call and because of a short trip to the beach with family I did not have a chance to check in again this week. I can only hope that there is no problem, with a flight coming up in about 8 days I must keep my fingers crossed. Really this comes as no surprise to me and is a typical Spanish timetable. While not a visa I remember the same experience getting our satellite installed, waiting for WiFi from Telefonica, etc. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who may have to change a plane ticket because I lack both my visa and my passport.

Just today I was informed that my visa has been approved. Although it was ready at 10am they need to wait for the following day to mail it. So it’s now down to 6 days before I leave, with a hopeful mailing time of 3 days. Not much margin for error…