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Sunday, November 14th "Lizarran again, McDonald’s and 2 movies"

A day after a late night is a day to do a lot of nothing. Having had our recent weekends filled with chores or vacations (much more of the former than the latter) we decided we would finally use a Saturday for nothing but whatever we wanted to do. We had planned to remain indoors for most of the day, rent a few movies and make a pizza. However, once we made it outside it was too nice a day to spoil sitting around. We did make our way to the video store and picked up a few movies. Then strolled down Luis Montoto to Nervión looking for a place to eat. As were close we decided to make a trip to Lizarran, our second in just over week. I know it’s a chain restaurant but the ideas is fun and in a way you don’t have to decide what you want to eat. Just grab anything you’re in the mood for. Some 17 toothpicks later we were full and headed back home. We rested for an hour and then headed out for coffee and a few things at the grocery. Made it back to watch a movie, and then decided to eat at McDonald’s, the first time in a long while. After eating we headed back to watch yet another movie (note I cannot remember which movies we watched, which means they were perfectly forgettable and just right for a lazy Saturday.)