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Monday, December 8th "Las Tunas; Exposición de belenes"

The night of December 7th, before the Día de la Inmaculada Concepción, was a great time to spend in the streets of Sevilla. Tunas, or musical groups comprised of current (and former) university students dressed up and headed into the streets for a little drinking, singing and guitar. They could be spotted throughout the center close to the cathedral serenading a lucky few before they made their way to the statue of La Purisima (the Virgin Mary) between the Cathedral and the Alcazar, around midnight .There they took turns serenading the statue with a few songs and a little dancing. If you wanted to see things up close get there a good 45 minutes early, but we did manage to get a good view from afar although I didn't get many good pictures. Between the full moon and all the smoke from the castaña vendors it was also a little spooky.

We've made our way to the exposición de belenes several times over the last 2 weeks, mostly because it seems to be in our path when we head to the center. Some folks from Madrid, or maybe Peru but they have a store in Madrid, are selling some cool ornaments and other interesting Christmas decorations and we've bought several items to hang on our tree. We also picked up some cards at the UNICEF booth towards the end of Sierpes.