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Thursday, February 10th "1:24 AM and Duke-Carolina is an hour and a half away…"

So I am a basketball fan. I am a big basketball fan, and if you’ve read previous entries around last March, well you know I lose a lot of sleep and time trying to follow the real sport from Seville. The real sport is NCAA basketball, not this crap league that the world has been sold on called the NBA. Everywhere you go you can catch an NBA game with little passion, a lot of money and a lot of players who may be taking the night off from their “job”. Not NCAA basketball of course. The real sport has the best rivalry of all sports – Duke – Carolina (Betis – Sevilla trailing close behind).

So this is why I am typing this away as I wait for the late night phone call to drag me away from my desk and into a bar, a secret location if you will, where there is NASN and the Duke-Carolina game being broadcast live on a big screen television! And I will be surrounded by fans opposing my team, but I care not. I will walk maybe a mile through deserted streets perhaps tempting a thief or two with my money, but nothing will keep me from the game. Many ask what is the hardest thing about living outside the U.S. First and foremost is family and friends. Second is NCAA basketball. Someday someone will catch on, I hope, and more games will be available instead of three tape delayed NBA games like they will be showing this morning and tomorrow. And maybe Canal Plus will find that rather flashing a logo on the screen in Canal Deporte 3 for 12 hours a day because they have nothing to show, just maybe they could show something worth seeing besides their logo.