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Saturday, February 12th "Back in action; Shaking hands with a prince; all those emails"

So my last December 8th entry I realized was two months old. I also realized I failed to post my new entries for a while. Well, work picked up, holidays took over and I was sick a little. Traveled a night or two and spent a lot of time working on things for this site. Some day the flood gates will open and the 10 or so new sections I have been working on will all launch. For now I prefer the procrastination method - work on what I feel like from day to day and get nothing done.

In between I did manage to meet Prince Felipe and Leticia! Well, meet would not be the word, I managed to shake hands with him as he came out of the Plaza de Toros the other night! See how close I was?? While I'm not one to follow royalty around it appears plenty of those type of folks were on hand. We had just finished a visit to El Patio Sevillano, a typical tablao where you can enjoy a few hours of song and dance and a drink. When we came out after the 7:30 show we were greeted by Felipe and Leticia. Now I just need to meet the King.

As for all of those emails I receive at some have fallen through the cracks in recent weeks, but I should be getting to a lot tomorrow and Monday. As I answer and send about 100 to 150 per day at work sometimes it's hard to come home and answer more. It's even harder when you have a bad mail server and host, and sometimes get you email messages days later. For now click on the link below to see what's been happening in the last month or so...