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Tuesday April 26th
"The never ending visit"

Spring has been much more active for us this year - with mom and stepfather in town for 5 months we have had a great time enjoying Seville without running around, trying to get everything done in just a few weeks. An extended visit like this is something to really enjoy, when you don't have to count off all of the places you want to take someone before they leave. The ripple effect of course has occurred, with other guests visiting our parents, making them the tour guides for the months they are here. This change has created two new tour guides whose Spanish skills are steadily improving. This in turn means they are ordering at the bar before we can order for them - a little more independence for them! But we have enjoyed visits from both family and friends over the last few months and are getting the opportunity to see some places we've been wanting to see, and even a few side trips to places like Cadiz. And the owners of El Rinconcillo are now getting used to our little tours - every 2 weeks we arrive with a new group to try the jamón and drink a cold beer. We stare up at the collection of liquor and fino bottles which should now be in a Museum, and every time we do I notice something different.

So I keep putting off updating my daily entries section, a sacrifice if I want to visit with everyone as well as keep my job and update this page. A back injury and then a foot injury kept me out of commission for a few weeks. The price you pay when you are on your feet a lot, and when you're not you're at a desk typing away. Soon I will automate this section, making my updates less of a labor and more of an exercise in writing. While I make these changes please sit back and enjoy new content, and take a look over at, where some of my adventures make it to the "Current" section before they make it here! For now, a photo of us all at the Feria, during my brother's visit to Seville...