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This is a new section, dedicated to some of my weekend trips to other places in Spain, almost all of them in Andalucia at the moment. I finally have enough to justify a separate page. I'm waiting for a large transport of photos taken in the rest of Spain to arrive. So in anticipation of this I am hanging on to the name "Photos from around Spain". Can you tell I'm filling this intro up. I'll shut up and move on... Check out the Seville Photos page for pictures specific to the city!

Topics in this section

Almaden II
A few more photos from Almaden de la Plata, this time from our visit during the Feria de la Tapa de la Caza. There were thousands of hunting dogs in town!


Just outside of Marbella is this little expat mountain town, where all the restaurants are good - try the lamb! - and some of the "new locals" don't speak any Spanish!


An hour or two from Sevilla, Cádiz is known as Europe's oldest city. A choice for many visiting the Atlantic coast, it offers a nice alternative to the Mediterranean beaches as well as a great day trip.


An hour and a half by bus, Carmona is perhaps the most popular day trip from Sevilla. Roman and Arab history as well as a quiet pueblo setting make it a great place to get away from the city.


An little over an hour from Sevilla, Conil is a popular spot for tourists. Nearby you can visit a number of smaller towns and intersting beaches as well.


After two trips in one week there are plenty more photos of Córdoba, including some from Dave. An hour and a half from Seville, Córdoba is a great day trip.


Granada Province - our stay at Cortijo Balzain
A nice little cortijo or farm which was renovated for rural tourism. This is the real thing with plenty of comforts butby no means luxury.


A Finca Outside Sevilla
A visit to a finca outside of Seville to celebrate after a wedding. Including a capea, an amateur bullfight which turned out to be quite dangerous.


Granada - mostly Alhambra
Added are a few great photos from Dave, but there are more to come in November when I'll spend a weekend in Granada. Most impressive is of course the Alhambra.


Granada - my trip in November 2004
More of the city and less of the Alhambra, as all tickets were sold out the day we were there - a lesson to those of you who want to wing it with entrances..


This mountain town is a few hours from Seville. Famous for its charm and its hills, there are also some great places to eat!


One of the popular white villages to visit when you find yourself in the Costa del Sol. Easily reachable from Marbella or Malaga.


Road Trip to Jabugo
In search of holiday meats and cheeses we made our way to Jabugo, with stops in Aracena and a few other towns along the way.


A 2-3 hour trip Málaga offers mountains and of course the beach. A favorite spot for English speakers as well. Many head to the nearby beaches of Torremolinos. I don't have many pictures in this album - awaiting my return trip to the city center to take more.


Olive Grove in Malaga Province
This trail I'm sure has its name. If followed completely there are some great views. We did not make it to the great views, but it was a nice walk.


Marbella (and Puerta Banus)
It's lifestyles of the rich and famous...Marbella has it's reputation for a good reason, especially when you hit Puerta Banus. But for the average person who wants to blow some money on a hotel it's a great place to visit.


Medina Sidonia
Medina Sidonia is perched on a hill, kind of in the middle of nowhere in the Cadiz province. A good stop on your way back from Cadiz to Sevilla.


Just up the mountain from Fuengirola and another easy trip from Marbella (where we just happened to be), Mijas is an expat town which still retains the traditional style of a pueblo blanco. And it's a great place to catch a burro taxi.


Another one of the small white villages in the hills, which is a convenient day trip from Malaga and Marbella. We were there very briefly.


Punta Umbria
One the closest beaches to Seville by car. We stayed a few nights in a hotel and visited our favorite restaurant - Restaurante Miramar.


One of the most famous pueblos in Andalucia, Ronda attracts thousands of tourists a day to see the cliffs, the bridge and of course Spain's oldest bullring. There's also some good eating to be done as well as a slower pace to things.


Day trip to Rota and Chipionas
This trip was made sometime in 2004! We spent the day at the beach, had a meal and then visited Chipionas for an afternoon walk.


Road from Seville to Ronda
Just a few pictures of the sites along the way. If you head to the Costa del Sol ignore the main highway and take the route through Ronda. You'll make your way through a Natural Park and get some great views of the coast on your way down the mountain.


Granada Province - Sierra Nevadas
We made it up in November just after the first few snows. People were alread snowboarding, although not on the official slopes.


Vejer de la Frontera
One the most beautiful white villages in the province of Cadiz. Worth a stay overnight or good as a day trip from Conil or the city of Cadiz.



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