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Summer time is finally over in Seville and we seem to have braved the worst of the heat. Unlike the unfortunate situation in France the people of Andalucia faired better - they're more accustomed to oppressive heat and tend to stay inside. Somewhat cooler temperatures now are making it easier to get around during the day. The rainy season is upon us, with the month of October only a few weeks away.

With August gone the streets have filled up and things are back to normal now that the summer vacation month has passed. The days are now shorter with the arrival of fall and the toldos (tarps) shading the streets will soon be coming down. La Liga, Spain's first division soccer league, is in full swing with Betis and Sevilla F.C. side by side in la tabla.

Outdoor cafes and bars near the Guadalquivir, the river dividing the center from the neighborhoods of Triana and Los Remedios, are still open where there's still plenty of sun. We're getting Digital Plus, so I'll be able to keep up with the football games back in the U.S. Check out the links to the right and info below to learn more about Seville.

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I love Seville. I always called it Sevilla until I started this page, so forgive me if I go back and forth with the spelling. After visiting several times and telling everyone I know for 10 years I wanted to live in Sevilla I finally decided to do it. I sold most everything I had, packed up what I could and came here with all my savings. If you want to see what everyday life is like here (or at least my everyday life), check out the daily entries section below.

I began to research Seville tourism and travel information on the web. I found some good sites but none that mentioned the bars and restaurants I frequented nor the hotels and hostals where most people I know stay. And while these pages offered tourist information about attractions, sites and culture in Seville (certainly helpful) they often didn't offer travel advice or insight into how things really work here.

This is where I hope you'll find my site helpful. Along with some basic travel information and recommendations I've tried my best to offer advice about the differences in daily life you'll encounter and the obstacles or issues you may face during your stay in Seville. I hope this helps you spend your time enjoying Seville and worrying less about making all the little decisions so you can have a great vacation, study experience or extended stay.

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Calle de la Flores, Córdoba
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Less than two hours by car from Seville, Córdoba offers such sites as a Roman bridge, the famous Mezquita, and of course la Calle de las Flores.


Some of these are still works in progress, but I'd rather show what I've been doing in raw form than keep it idling here while I drive myself crazy getting it ready for a "launch".

Here you'll find some useful information about Seville. Some of my general observations have been put together to help you understand some of the quirks and differences of life here. Some conversion information on the Euro (€), kilos, commas and decimals should come in handy as well.

I've also included sections on transportation, shopping and nightlife (la marcha), as well as where to buy food when you're sick of eating out.

I know I can't cover it all when it comes to Seville, and with this collection of recommended books and some helpful links I hope to assist those of you looking for more information on some specific topics.

I frequent many bars and restaurants here in Seville hoping to find a few surprises, hidden in the back alleys. There are a few listed here that you'll find in guidebooks - they are quite good after all - but many you won't.

  • These are places where actual Spaniards eat, so don't expect a lot of English when you go.
  • Except for a few marked with "$$" these are affordable. I don't make any money with this page, so my dining out is generally on a realistic budget, not a guide book budget.
  • Every dish listed is a recommendation, and I have tried every one of them. I don't weigh 300 lbs. yet, but I'm working on it.
  • I'm not taking any advertising money (yet) so these are all fairly impartial.

Here you will find several reviews of restaurants and tapas bars in Seville. This list will continue to grow as my stomach does.

My life here (some daily entries)

Wednesday, September 24th

"Launch; A coat and tie affair; bichos!"

Finally, the reworking of my navigation and the new sections I've promised are up and working (check out the links above and to the right). Much more is still needed but it's nice to see the page grow. Now I'm on to reworking and adding to a few sections.

Tonight we have a meeting - or rather a few beers - with some marketing directors for two 5 star hotels in Seville. Unfortunately is was dubbed by my partner as a "coat & tie affair", so it means dusting off my good clothes for a test run to see if they still work. If not it will be time to improvise a bit. Then ironing and off to the hotel which is on the other side of the Plaza de España. Here's hoping it's not too hot and that we get more than a buzz out of the deal.

Finally it seems to be the time of little white bichos or bugs in Seville. We noticed them about 10 days ago near the river on Calle Betis. They now seem to have made their way to the center and were everywhere as we walked to El Corte Inglés. While they don't bite it is difficult to move without inhaling one or two every few blocks. I think they only have a week or more to live and it will be to cold for them to survive, at least I hope so.

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