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In no particular order:

Las Columnas (c/Mateos Gago)
Bar Manolo (Alfalfa)
Coloniales (Plaza de San Pedro)
El Refugio (Alfalfa)
Bodeguita del Salvador (Plaza el Salvador)
Bar Kiko (Alfalfa)
El Rincon Gallego (Arenal)
La Huerta (Plaze de los Terceros)
La Oliva (Triana)
Blanco Cerillo (Centro)
Flor de mi Vina (Centro)
Bodegon Alfonso XII (Centro)
El Rinconcillo (Plaza de los Terceros)
Sierra Mayor (Arenal)
Bar La Extremeña (Puerta Carmona)
Bar la Estrella (Centro)
Meson la Infanta $$ (Arenal)
Ajo Blanco (Santa Catalina)
San Marco (c/Meson del moro)
Bar Alfalfa (Alfalfa)
La Casa de las Costillas (Nervión Plaza)
Bar Tino (Plaza del Duque)
Pizzeros Orsini y Angelo (Alfalfa)
La Moneda (Arenal)
El Modesto (Puerta de la Carne)
Bar Europa (Centro)
Café Bar La Universal (Centro)
Café-Bar "El Ambigú" (


My Recommendations...

Las Columnas (c/Mateos Gago)
Close to the Cathedral with a sign that reads Bodega Santa Cruz. Don't believe it - everyone here calls it Las Columnas. Very little seating so people tend to crowd around the bar to order tapas while the bartenders keep your running tab on the bar in grease pencil. Tapas are between 1,20-1,80€.

  • ensaladilla (potato salad with tuna, crab, peas, carrots)
  • flamenquin (pork wrapped in ham and filled with cheese then deep fried - can you say Homer Simpson?)
  • pinchito de cerdo (brochette of seasoned pork)
  • montaditos (grilled sandwiches - various)
  • gazpacho
  • alitas de pollo (fried morsels of chicken)

Bar Manolo
One of my favorites as it was the first place I tried anything "en adobo". Located in the Alfalfa with a good amount of outdoor seating. Tapas are generous in size, and reasonably priced: 1,30-2€

  • gambas rebozadas (fried shrimp)
  • pavia de merluza (fried fish)
  • solomillo al whisky (pork loin in brandy and garlic sauce)
  • gazpacho
  • gambas a la plancha (grilled shrimp in shells)

Inside and outside seating but if you want to eat outside get there early and put your name on chalk board outside. Some days you may wait 30 minutes, but you can always eat at the bar. Tapas range from 1,75-3,50€ but they are huge, which makes eating here very cheap. These folks may be the gods of sauces. I have yet to eat anything here I don't like and have often thought of giving up cooking at home. I likely would if the wait weren't so long.

  • solomillo al whisky (pork loin in brandy and garlic sauce)
  • solomillo al porto (pork loin in port sauce)
  • solomillo a la castellana (pork loin with garlic and mushrooms)
  • champinones rebozados (fried mushrooms stuffed with ham and chorizo)
  • tostadas de la casa (various)
  • pollo con salsa de almendra (chicken in almond sauce)
  • manjar blanco (chicken in sauce)
  • calamares del campo (fried green pepper and onion - not squid)
  • prueba de chorizo (cooked chorizo)

El Refugio
Down a little alley, this has been one of my favorites for years. Many vegetarian friendly dishes, including carañacas with a garlic mayonnaise (just don't ask what they are - they won't tell you). Tapas range from 1,50-2,75€.

  • carañacas (squash?)
  • berenjena gratinada (eggplant with cheese)
  • champiñones a la plancha (grilled mushrooms with garlic and olive oil)

Bodeguita del Salvador
More of a place to drink a beer on Saturday or Sunday afternoon in Plaza Salvador. People crowd into the bar to get a drink and then make their way outside.

  • jamón (ham)
  • aceitunas (olives)
  • queso (cheese)
  • montaditos (sandwiches - various)
  • cerveza

Bar Kiko
Mom and pop bar with great tapas. Two dining rooms - one a like to call the "fire trap" as it is located behind the kitchen with no other exit. The other is next door. If you eat one thing here make it the lagrimitas de pollo. Tapas range from 1,50-2,25€.

  • lagrimitas de pollo (chicken marinated in vinegar - adobo like)
  • croquetas
  • san jacobo (ham and cheese deep-fried)
  • pisto (stew)

El Rincón Gallego
Great Galician bar. Don't be fooled by other ones in Sevilla - this is the only place to go. Drink Sidra - alcoholic cider typical of the region. My favorites here are chorizo criollo and mejillones al vapor. Tapas range in price from 1,50-2,50€.

  • empanada de atun (tuna empanada - accept no other)
  • mejillones al vapor (steamed mussells)
  • berberechos al vapor (steamed clams?)
  • bacalao a la gallega (fish with a few veggies)
  • chorizo criollo (homemade sausage served with sauce)
  • sidra (cider)

La Huerta
Very new and just down the street from my apartment. Lots of outdoor seating and very friendly owners. They offer some nice alternatives to the normal tapas you find here. A lot of vegetarian friendly dishes. The tabla de patatas comes with three amazing sauces. El Secreto (shhh..don't tell) is huge. Tapas range from 1,50-2,50€.

  • tabla de patatas con 3 salsas (roast potatoes with 3 dipping sauces)
  • brochetta de verduras (grilled vegetable kebob)
  • quiche de puerros (leak quiche)
  • chistorra (fried chorizo like sausages)
  • croquetas
  • secreto (pork steak)

La Oliva (Triana)
Just found this place thanks to my woman. Everything we tried (listed below) was great, and everything else that came out of the kitchen made me even hungrier. It may be a hike from the center, but well worth it. Tapas from 1,50-2,50€

  • croquetas de jamón
  • solomillo con bacon (pork loin, bacon and a fried green pepper as a sandwich)
  • cola de langosta (lobster tail with cocktail sauce)
  • chipirones a la plancha (grilled squid)
  • serranito (pork loin, ham, and a fried green pepper as a sandwich

Blanco Cerillo
They have some other tapas as well, but why bother when they have perfected boquerones en adobo. If I had to pick one food for the rest of my life it would be this. Bar is very small and outdoor seating can be hard to find on a nice day. Same (and the only) waiter has been there for over 10 years. I make sure I go once a week. Boquerones are 1,45€ for a tapa or 4,80€ for media ración.

  • boquerones en adobo con mayonesa (fried little fish marinated in vinegar, garlic and spices)

Flor de mi Vina
Just try and find this place. If you do you're in luck - I recommend ordering a plato - 3-3,80€ - for the best value. I think there are 6 or 7 brothers that work behind the bar. Very attentive and nice folks. This was dubbed "Bar Barrato" by my sister and brother-in-law a while back.

  • solomillo whisky (pork in brandy and garlic sauce)
  • choco a la riojana (squid)
  • arroz (rice)
  • albondigas (meatballs - not the italian kind)
  • pollo a la plancha (grilled chicken)
  • urta con tomate (pescado)

Bodegon Alfonso XII
Near the art museum here. They have a very large menu and a good amount of indoor seating. Bartenders are nice fellows. If you like garlic order patatas a la brava - the best around here. And they always have arroz (rice) - every day.

  • patatas a la brava (potatos with garlic mayo and hot sauce)
  • arroz (rice)
  • flamenquin (pork wrapped in ham and filled with cheese then deep fried - can you say Homer Simpson?)
  • chipiron a la plancha (grilled squid)
  • solomillo al whisky (pork in brandy and garlic sauce)

El Rinconcillo
Oldest bar in Sevilla dating back to 1670. The current owners are on their 8th generation dating back to 1800 or so. You can never enter without seeing a tourist here but it has a great atmosphere, including a collection of (still full) bottles of liquor some as old as 70 years. Tapas range in price from 1,50-2,50€. Cheapest beer in town at 0,85€ a pop.

  • jamón (ham)
  • espinacas (cooked spinach)
  • bacalao con tomate (fish with tomato)
  • caldereta (meat stew)
  • queso (cheese)
  • cana de lomo (cured pork)

Sierra Mayor
A great place to go for a variety of cured meats. Ham, chorizo, caña de lomo. The "fuentes" give you a chance to try a little bit of everything although it can be pricey. Tapas range from 1,80-3,00€.

  • fuente de sierra mayor (a little of everything in the cured meat department)
  • fuente de queso (many cheese)
  • croquetas de espinaca
  • tostada o pan de la casa (various)

Bar La Extremena
Real wood fired grill right behind the bar. The place for grilled ("a la plancha") meats. You can even order a pigs head (pestorejo)...mmm...pigs head. They have a larger, more formal dining room next door where you can't order tapas. Tapa prices in the bar range from 1,75-5€.

  • chorizo al infierno (hot chorizo cooked in liquor at your table)
  • surtido de queso (sampler of cheeses)
  • surtido de chacina (sampler of cured meats)
  • surtido de carne (sampler of grilled meats
  • costillas de cerdo (pork ribs)
  • presa iberica (pork loin)
  • pluma iberica (pork loin?)
  • migas (something like stuffing)

La Moneda $$
A little pricey and tapas are smaller but very good.

  • garbanzos con bacalao (fish and garbanzo stew)
  • langostinos con bacon (shrimp wrapped in bacon)
  • pez espada empanado (fried swordfish)

El Modesto $$
One word for everything: delicious.

  • pescaito frito (sampler of fried fish)
  • solomillo (pork loin)
  • coquinas (little clams)
  • calamares del campo (fried green pepper and onions)

Bar Europa

  • Salmorejo
  • croquetas de espinaca
  • espinacas

Cafe Bar La Universal

  • fideitos de Cádiz
  • tortilla de verduras

Ice cream only, but probably the best on earth. Take your pick, they are all good. 2€ for a small and 3€ for a medium cup.

Sloppy Joe's
Pizza, burgers, chicken wings: American style with a Spanish touch.

Bar la Estrella
Working on this list...

Meson la Infanta $$
Just about everything here is good

Ajo Blanco

  • enchiladas
  • Tejano

San Marco (c/Meson del Moro)
Great Italian food, and don't believe the other Sevilla web sites which say 48€ for two. You can skip that 20€ bottle of wine and eat plenty for around 25€. Eat at the Meson del Moro location for the best atmosphere.

Bar Alfalfa

  • pan de la casa

La Casa de las Costillas (Nervión Plaza)
The only real American steak/rib restaurant around. Catch a cab or go for a long walk as this one is located in Nervión Plaza, unfortunately one of the malls in Sevilla next to Sevilla F.C. stadium (blech). Curiously named sandwiches for states and cities in the US that have nothing to do with the actual place.

Bar Tino
Close to El Corte Inglés en el Duque.

  • arroz

Pizzeros Orsini y Angelo
Was my favorite pizza place, but they have changed the inside and tried to become a little more upscale. Unfortunately Let's Go "discovered" them a few years ago.

Café-Bar "El Ambigú"



















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