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Tuesday, January 20th "Life without ADSL and updates coming soon; Panthers reach the Superbowl "

Our move has been successful and after 3 complete days of boxes, cleaning (and more cleaning), calling utilities and all the other fun stuff involved we are now settled in somewhat. Still trying to adjust to life without internet access in home, at least for another week as I get a wireless network put in. So until then I am living in the world of cyber cafes and friends houses to get my updates done. I do have plenty of time to work offline, so more content and good stuff is on the way.

I was able to watch - tape delayed - the Panthers-Eagles NFL game and celebrated for the first Superbowl in Panthers history. If you want to catch the game live in Seville head to the Tex-Mex bar on Calle Placentines on Febraury 1st, but get there very early! They are taking reservations which includes a little beer, popcorn and a seat and if you know you're going to watch it there then I recommend getting a reservation as early as possible. Seats for the NCAA championship were hard to come by last year,

And of course according to Murphy's Law they just finished erecting fences along our street to do some work on the water pipes, just in time for our move in the next 2-3 days. Now instead of a street's width for moving our boxes and furniture we'll have about 5 feet of sidewalk. I can't wait...