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Tuesday, January 13th "Interview; More content?!?; Street work"

Yesterday I was interviewed by Diario de Sevilla, from a reporter who noticed my site and comments on the Lonely Planet forums, a site I frequent and highly recommend if you can take an insult or two if your question is considered "dumb" by the few jerks who think forums are all about insulting curious and inquisitive travelers. We had crossed paths and he had seen enough of my comments to get really mad...just kidding, enough of them to check out this site, which he liked well enough. So this weekend if all goes well there should be an article in the Diario de Sevilla, which is a great paper for getting the low down on the city.

More content, you say? I say yes, although some are telling me I should slow down. A few weeks away (only because of the move this week) I will be expanding the nightlife section, plus more restaurants and bars for eating. Also on tap is a Music section so you can find those great places to check out a live band. Yes there is live music other than flamenco in Sevilla, and while many claim the music scene here is not great I was surprised at the options of many of them. I'll also include the listings for some of my favorite spots so you can see who's playing. Also, my promise to provide a female point of view of making a life for one's self in Sevilla is on it's way, and shortly I'll have some articles posted by a younger woman working in Sevilla.

And of course according to Murphy's Law they just finished erecting fences along our street to do some work on the water pipes, just in time for our move in the next 2-3 days. Now instead of a street's width for moving our boxes and furniture we'll have about 5 feet of sidewalk. I can't wait...