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Wednesday, January 28th "F*ck you Telefonica"

Ok, the anger, the rage and hatred has moved up a notch for the morons at Telefonica. The odds of them to installing your ADSL correctly are about the same as your odds of leaving your bike unlocked in the Alameda and returning the next day to still see it there - it's just not going to happen. We called to verify our order from last week and were informed that we had ordered the wrong thing. If we wanted what we ordered the first time then it would be another 10-15 days. The "customer service" rep on the other end said we had ordered a USB modem, even though we had called the week before to order a wireless modem router. Funny, we were told last week that we had a USB modem on order and would have to wait another 10-15 days if we wanted to the wireless modem router. Now this guy is saying we called last week to change the order from a wireless modem router to a USB modem, and if we really wanted the wireless set-up it would be another change.

So I asked - "What is the current order, a wireless modem router or a USB modem?"
Telefonica Rep: "Exactly, we're all clear. Thank you for calling"
ME: "Wait, no, we're not clear. Which is it: a wireless modem or a USB modem?"
Telefonica Rep: "Yes, that's it"
ME: "No, that's not it, those are two different things and I want to know which one is on my order?"
Telefonica Rep: "Uh-huh, that's right. Anything else?"
ME: "Ok, I want a wireless router modem on my order"
Telefonica Rep: "That is a change to your order and it will be another 10-15 days."
ME: "So before the order was for a USB modem, right?"
Telefonica Rep: "Correct, you ordered a USB modem before"
ME: "No I ordered a wireless modem router before"
Telefonica Rep: "No, you first ordered a wireless modem router, then called on January 23rd to order a USB modem, and now you want to change your order again."
ME: "No, I didn't but I want this to end, so can I change my order to a wireless modem router?"
Telefonica Rep: "Ok, that comes with a USB adapter for your computer as well"
ME: "Correct, the wireless modem router comes with a USB adapter that I hook up to my computer"
Telefonica Rep: "But those are two separate things. Which do you want, the wireless modem router or the USB modem?"
ME: "Wait, no. You said the modem router comes with a USB adapter. That's how the technology works - the modem router sends a signal to the adapter hooked up to my computer so I can have internet access. I want what you said - the wireless modem router with the USB adapter."
Telefonica Rep: "But those are two different products - the wireless modem router and the USB modem - you have to decide."
ME: "No, they are not. I want what you told me, what comes with the kit: a wireless modem router and the USB adapter. I don't want a USB modem, I want a USB adapter that is part of the kit - it's part of the wireless modem router kit to connect to the internet."
Telefonica Rep: "Ok, yes, that is part of the kit"
ME: "Perfect, so I have the wireless kit on order - a modem router and a USB adapter to be able to connect to the internet"
Telefonica Rep: "Correct, the USB modem"
ME: "No! Listen, forget anything USB, just make sure it says wireless modem router on my order"
Telefonica Rep: "Ok, but that is a change to your order, and it will be 10-15 days"
ME: "Perfect, that's what I want to do. Thanks."
Telefonica Rep: "Anything else I can help you with today?"
ME: "No, I think you've done enough for today. Thanks"

So, do you think I'll get what I want? I'm not calling back and I've decided to just wait it out. I know that USB modem is going to come to my door any day now...