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Monday, February 2nd "Back online! Panthers lose a close one at 4:23am"

Finally back online after several weeks of disconnection. There was a hole in my life and sad to say that I rely on the internet for too many things. But alas, I am up and running with my old modem and still waiting for the new equipment to arrive. So many updates are on the way and I'll be back in my old form answering emails regularly in just a few more days. And while I had bad words to say for Telefonica and there still is no soft spot in my heart for them, I would say you may expect the same service with just about any ISP. Wanadoo was just (successfully) sued for selling broadband that wasn't really broadband, and I hear Supercable isn't the most pleasant alternative either.

Like many sports fans living abroad I must enjoy games at odd hours. Thankfully for cable television I was able to watch the Superbowl at home. Unfortunately after an amazing game the Panthers came away with a loss, although it was likely one of the best Superbowls I have ever seen. FYI to CNN - the most incredible action of the game was not the halftime show and Janet Jackson's accidental breast flashing. I hope one day they do away with this halftime crap and concentrate on the game. So for now my sports life is down to college basketball (never, ever televised in Spain except for the Final Four) and of course Betis, who are now on a good run, passing Sevilla in the league table!