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Thursday, February 12th "My shoes and my suit; Taking pictures; Feels like Friday the 13th "

Very important dinner coming up - special invitation at the Alcazar for a formal 9:30 meal and a cocktail or two - where maybe I'll meet the mayor, although I don't think he'll be there. So I knew I had to get a suit, which I found for 1/2 price at Milano (147€ instead of 295€). Very happy with that deal, but of course the bank account took a hit. I was also convinced I brought my black dress shoes but found out I left them in the states. I guess I didn't plan on too many formal events. I found a decent pair in the closet that will pass, but somehow my feet have grown! Well, maybe not, but I used to be able to wear them without a problem and now I can't stand being in them for more than 20 minutes. So tomorrow I am off to buy a pair - let's hope there are some around 40€. I'll head close to the Alfalfa and the "street of shoes" to see what kind of a deal I can swing.

Work, both on this site and with several new web clients, has been picking up. Many involve taking pictures - restaurants, stores, offices and more. I've snapped probably 500 photos in the last week. Along the way I've been getting several shots for the site but can't find the time to integrate them. Still working on 5 or 6 new sections which I want to complete by March!

Finally, with a formal dinner tomorrow as well as a long list of errands I'm feeling that it's Friday the 13th. My day tomorrow? Involves this:

  • buy new shoes (or risk much pain)
  • buy new shirt
  • pick up suit at Milano (before must say a little prayer that the alterations went well)
  • wait for courier with my telefonica modem/router (think I may have to give this one up)
  • visit my new socio on Calle Feria in the morning
  • pick up business cards at printers (can't go to a dinner without networking a little!)
  • work on quote for possible new client
  • visit current client about photo shoot
  • visit new client in the afternoon
  • conference call with possible new client
  • make 3 phone calls to the US (sorting out a real estate issue and wishing luck to Mom, who's headed to New Zealand and Australia)
  • dinner at Alcazar and some drinks afterwards

So what the hell am I doing up at 2am drinking Coke and working on this? I can't seem to sleep. It will be a long day tomorrow - hope it ends well, with me enjoying a cold beer at night's end, much like the fellow above.