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Monday, February 16th "Alcazar at night""

The experience at the Alcazar was certainly enjoyable. There is a different feel to the place at night: spooky and much more intimate, as you sense being closer to the history and people who lived and passed through the building. Adding to that sensation were the props from the movie being filmed here (and in the Casa de Pilatos. Other scenes will be shot in Córdoba, and Jeremy Irons is among the few celebrities you may spot in Sevilla at the moment.) Many of the furniture and pillows were still left out as we made our way through the Alcazar, giving us "fake" glimpse into the real life which had taken place here. The Alcazar would make for a cozy home, or holiday house as the King of Spain is familiar. Afterwards we enjoyed a light meal and drinks in a room next to the gardens and then made our way out around midnight. No great networking - never felt much like doing it during the night and was content just to sit back and enjoy things. After the 270€ I spent to get myself ready for the event I can say at least I'll be ready the next time I need to look presentable.