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Wednesday, February 18th "Live college basketball video!; Berlin!"

Finally found a solution! Well, at least if I were a Kentucky or SEC fan. I admit Yahoo did a good job of tricking me, but I am at least enjoying the ACC basketball radio broadcasts! In addition to radio they now offer select video feeds of live games from the ACC and SEC. What they fail to tell you is that they only broadcast SEC basketball games and the ACC games are football or other sports. Thanks guys! They don't come out and say it, but if I looked hard enough I could have found it. Anyway, the quality is decent - would be better with a cable modem or 512K ADSL connection - and I am practicing for their NCAA Basketball Tournament package where you can see every game up until the final, or "Elite" eight. The cost for one team is $9.95 or for all teams $29.95. You can also subscribe by month for $9.95 per month to get every team broadcast they handle - my preferred option as there are only 2 months left in the regular season.

Berlin. I like this place - the bar not the city, although the city might be nice as well. Although I've been once before I decided this past weekend I will return more often. It's on a side street from Pérez Galdós and part of the regular nightlife scene in the Alfalfa. Berlin is a medium sized bar with brick walls, not too much light, a long bar and often rock instead of techno or other pop I run into in many places. Bartenders are pretty friendly and the crowd is a bit older than some other places around here - maybe mid-twenties to early thirties. Drinks are fairly cheap and they stay open very late on the weekends. Hopefully they will stay in my good graces so I have a new haunt for a while.