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Tuesday, February 24th "Radio Interview; February Rain"

Getting my haircut by Manuel Melado has it's advantages - talking about Betis while losing my hair and getting a chance to be interviewed on the radio about all of the beticos in North Carolina. I had a brief interview on Monday and got to hear myself on the Onda Cero, then stayed in the room during the rest of the show to sit back and listen to some expert commentary on the past week's game and the coming of Betis-Sevilla this week. For my time I received 2 kilos of coffee - whole bean - as a gift, enough so that I'll need to buy a coffee grinder. In a rush to get to the station in la cartuja (because of a meeting that ran late) I left my umbrella in a hotel. When I left it was raining and Radio Taxi decided not to answer their phones. I walked maybe a mile in the rain as la cartuja is a ghost land when it comes to taxis, especially in the rain. Finally I caught a cab in the Alameda and thankfully they let me in considering I looked like a sponge. I'm sure the back seat is still wet.

We've been hit with almost 5 days of rain in February. It's a little cold (by Sevilla standards) and it's best to keep inside and work. Rain in the city is little fun - puddles the size of small ponds make crossing the streets difficult, cars who pay little attention to the spray they create keeps you alert and no matter what you do your feet get wet.