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Tuesday, March 9th "Patience my good friends"

That's what I've had to have these past few weeks and I hope you'll have a little with me. Many projects kept me from getting to this section and updating you with what's going on. I've been busy with work, friends visiting, some vacation planning - going back to the U.S. for a few weeks sometime in the next 3 months - as well as legal stuff, opening a new bank account, changing my movil plan and launching a few web sites...whew! I've also been slammed with updating various sections of the site as well as creating new content. What's on tap? A (hopefully) very thorough insider's guide to Semana Santa with some stuff you won't see elsewhere, including an interview with a nazareno, vocabulary and some rules to follow that will keep you in line and in good standing with the locals during the festivities. I've reorganized a few areas and just launched my Living in Seville section - full of some practical information and necessities for starting your life in Seville. Moving to Seville also has new content. A Feria insider's guide is on the way and March has new music and exhibits updated. Tomorrow I'll post my daily entries and have an updated photo album. Somewhere between all of this I plan to sleep and maybe grab a bite to eat.