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Monday, April 12th "Semana Santa is over, here comes Feria, or for me, the beach!"

Monday after Semana Santa is a quiet time, with people resting up for Feria in just under two weeks. The casetas are going up near los Remedios and come midnight on the 26th the Feria will officially kick off. Los toros began on Sunday with El Juli making his season debut.

Out of my 600 photos from last weeks festivities I've selected 40 or so for my new Semana Santa photo album which I will be posting tomorrow. This year was the opposite of last year in terms of weather. We made it to Wednesday without rain and then for two days, including the ever-loved madrugá, just about all processions were cancelled due to rain! I'll also be posting a report of the activities from the last week as well as updating much of the content on these pages.

This week is catch up time, both on this site and with work. I've got meeting after meeting scheduled for the week and will be making preparations to escape the madness of Feria and head to Marbella for the end of April. One whole week of sun, beach, a few beers and hopefully nothing more. I think I need it after Semana Santa which has physically worn us all down. I did manage to rent a car and from my learning process hopefully you'll benefit. Check out the transportation section for some helpful hints and recommendations on renting a car while in Sevilla.