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Saturday, May 3rd "Traveling"

Spent a day in Cádiz, a small city on the beach an hour south of here. It was hot but a perfect day to be by the water and I will soon add some pictures from the trip. I am off traveling for the next two weeks. I will be away from Granada which has got me down a bit at the moment. All will be better when I get back, and I am looking forward to seeing many friends during my trip as well. Sevilla is now my home and it is hard to think of being away from it for very long. I can't help but wonder what will happen in Plaza de los Terceros, who will be buying what at the market in Encarnación, what animals will be on display in the Sunday market in Alfalfa, how good the boquerones will be in Blanco Cerrillo...the list goes on.

El Perro Andaluz

So this page will be updated very sparingly over the next 2 weeks. You can read previous days here.