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Friday, May 14th "Email disappears and internet problems"

If you have written me an email in the last month, specifically between April 15 and May 13 you may not have gotten a response. I was late in getting back to some of you and then Outlook somehow erased all email messages between those dates in my inbox. I've tried everything but it looks like they're gone for good. So my apologies to those of you who did not get answers. If you by some reason read this then send me your question again. Thankfully I got to most of you before the mystery occurrence.

While I've had good and bad things (well, mostly bad) things to say about Telefonica the one thing that seemed to be a constant was my connection. It's been months since it went out so I guess they were due. It's been on again off again the last few days and I used the time to catch up on some content I've been wishing to do. Amazing how much you can get done without the distractions of being connected.