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Saturday, May 15th "Long Friday afternoons"

On Friday's we often gather with friends beginning around 3 or 4pm for a number of beers, a little eating and then coffee, mixed drinks, some more often is the case we may remain in the same place for 4-5 hours. For Americans a word of warning (a good warning): going out for a drink or a meal can turn into many, many hours. Many people in Seville are just not in a hurry and sitting around a table for several hours after a meal for coffee, drinks and more is not uncommon. Some choose to move on to other places while others, like our friends, are content to stay in the same place more often than not. This past Friday was no exception as we met up with others in a bar near Calle Baños. Knowing the owners well we were able to camp out until 8:30. We ended the evening early after a 30 minute comparison of moviles, including watching one move around the table each time we called it (it was in silent mode, using vibration instead of a ring). One does silly things after sitting at a table for several hours. After this entertainment some headed off to the Feria in Dos Hermanas. We, however, headed home for 12 hours of much needed sleep.