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Monday, May 17th "A last home victory"

We were treated to a victory in Benito Villamarin (I just hate calling it Ruiz de Lopera) after two horrendous away games against Valencia and Villareal. The first half was poorly played but we got a glimpse of what could be with Betis as they played well enough in the second part to make it past Vallodolid 1-0. It was Cañas' last game, who seems to have been around forever. He received a warm farewell from the crowd who otherwise spent most of their time jeering Denilson and Joaquin. While I would like to see both return next year it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't after the last few weeks. True, they are playing poorly, but I still can't stand people showing up to complain and shout at their own team not matter how bad things are going. Some beticos must learn a little something - if you boo Joaquin when he makes a mistake then shut your damn mouth when he later makes a good play. As attendance was low they failed to block off the gate which leads from the North Goal to the seats running on the side of the field. We got to watch the second half from midfield on the upper level. It's a different game when you can see the angles correctly. Still, the seats are in the old portion of the stadium and not too comfortable - smaller with less space between each row. And considering the price is perhaps double to sit there we'll renew next year with the same seats as before.