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Tuesday, May 18th "Communion: it's the season and it'll be my first; Fútbol "

No, I don't have one planned for me but communions are in high season and not a weekend goes by without seeing a celebration somewhere or another. I will be attending one myself this weekend. After a ceremony in a church not far from here we will enjoy plenty of food and drink, which is really what I'm looking forward to. Not being Catholic in a very Catholic country I hope to learn a thing or two through all of this, then promptly forget it with a few beers. If I remember to snap a few photos I'll have something to go by later. I know it's a great celebration for the family and I respect that. My interest, however, is on the low side.

We hope to make an escape from the event by 5pm to catch the last Betis game in Malaga. While there's no hope for making it to the UEFA this year there is hope that Sevilla F.C. won't make it so we'll be listening in to the "other game" as we watch our last one in a bar somewhere. I had hoped Malaga would win this past Sunday, thus giving much more importance to the Betis-Malaga game in a twisted sense. If they had won Betis would only have to go out and play like crap against Malaga, who in turn by winning would eliminate Sevilla from UEFA contention. It would have been ugly for the rivalry, but I would have liked to have seen it. Now we'll keep our hopes up for wins by Atletico and Villareal, I think. It all get so complicated at the end of the year - goal differentials, who wins and ties. But it's good fun.

On a side note it was great to see Valencia pull out the league title against Sevilla. It's also been great to see Real Madrid lose their last 4 games, including yesterday's defeat against Murcia, by far the worst team in the league. Money can buy a lot of things, but not always the championship.