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Tuesday, June 24th "Corpus missed; Updating; Internet Conferences"

Corpus has come and gone, but you can see a picture here. Although some here would kill me for saying so, Corpus Cristi is a bit like Semana Santa Light. It seems for a few months nobody wants to admit that Semana Santa has come and gone. First you have Semana Santa with the larger processions, all the people and bars filled until 6-7am. Then the Feria where you can drink and eat and try not to remember that Semana Santa is over. In May we have Cruz de Mayo, where the little ones practice in hopes of one day being part of Semana Santa. Little costaleros and trumpet players are seen everywhere, as smaller versions of the floats are dragged around the streets for a few days. Then comes Corpus Cristi in June and the teenagers (or a bit older) carry larger floats, balconies and store display windows in the center are decorated in hopes of winning a prize. In Plaza Nueva and Plaza Salvador tarps are hung and seats placed for everyone to watch the processions go by. Things are a little more festive for Corpus. Finally we have moved into summer and nobody is "practicing" for Semana Santa until next year.

I have spent the last few days addicted to travel forums as a result of my research for this site. Instead of updating my page here I tried to updated travelers who planned to come to Seville or other towns and cities in Andalucia. While I learned a lot about what people are looking for I also managed to waste an incredible amount of time, hoping to see folks thank me over and over again for such great advice. I got a few of those, as well as some severely misinformed individuals who tried to tell me a train from Madrid to Seville would take 8 hours, not 2. I just took the damn train about a month ago!! Oh, well. You can't please everyone, especially not the hell-bent "expert" travelers on these boards.

From this investigation I have now come up with a mountain of new links and content which are in waiting to be posted. Must start working today or none of it will get done!

Today I attended the First Andalusian Congress of New Technologies on Information and Communication. was nice to see where things stand here, and the e-commerce section was an eye-opener (or was it an eye-closer). I almost fell asleep during one guest speaker's lengthy publicity speech about what his company had been doing to generate 10 million Euros over the past year. E-commerce here is a hard thing to get going here but it seems they're moving in the right direction now. New internet users here are leap-frogging dial-up access to connect with ADSL or Cable service. There are now more Spaniards with broadband access than in the US. A good sign! We need to catch up.

Links for today:

First Andalusian Congress of New Technologies on Information and Communication