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Sunday, June 29th "Ghost town ; Online Hotel Booking"

So where did everyone go? That's what I'm wondering while walking around on a Saturday night in late June. Then someone smacks me in the back of the head and says, "¡Coño, todo er mundo está en la playa!". Everyone goes to the beach, and it will only get worse as we move into July and August. More than half the people I know are there every weekend. And if for some reason they're not at the beach you can find them by the river. The center is like a ghost town, and I'm learning the difference between summer and winter bars. It's all fine by me - the river is great when we want to see a lot of people or it's just plain hot as hell. Having the bars in the center to myself (and of course the tourists) works well on some nights, too.

Took a look at online hotel booking services for Sevilla in the hopes that someone might come visit me in the next 5-6 months. A confusing mess, really. A site with no secure server (please, someone take my credit card number), another with a total of 7 listings or a visitors nightmare when it comes to the process. Not to mention the translation - know the saying "it's all Greek to me"? Well, it's all something, but it ain't Greek, English or Spanish. My favorite, though, was looking for "hostels" on, which is actually a pretty decent site. I put in Sevilla and what I just started laughing when the results came up:

The Worldwide Hostel Database

Welcome to the most complete directory of hostels in the world. Choose from thousands of hostels worldwide. Sevilla:

Sorry, no results were found.

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