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Sunday, July 6th "Tomorrow's Presentaion; Meeting with a lawyer; Page Progress"

Finishing up tomorrow's presentation so I don't have much time - it's 3am. Things look good and I'm hoping the contract is accepted so we can start some work. If all goes well it may lead to a few other web development/marketing jobs in September.

I've lined up a meeting with a lawyer to see if I can legalize my situation here by becoming an "autonomo" and getting a self-employed work visa. I have to come prepared with all my questions - it's a free consultation - but if all goes well they can help me with filing the right papers and the tax work. Social Security will take 30-40%, which scares the hell out of me.

Finally, after hours and hours of tweaking my photo albums are almost completely updated. I plan to launch new ones specific to monuments and events very soon, but you can see the new look on some of the links in the photo page.

Links for today:

4th of July Boat Parade - S.C.