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Friday , July 4th "Working; Moving to a Pueblo; Missing the 4th"

A week of work has finished, with a lot of new sections partialy developed for this site. Most will launch when I have time to change the navigation. Have promising leads on some web page development and I've been putting the finishing touches on on the project plan this week to make a presentation on Monday. Juglling this with my own site here, preparing for a trip back to the U.S. and taking care of the daily necessities has been tough. Many nights of going to bed at 3-4am, and then waking up at 9am. Hope to get some rest this weekend.

G's sister and boyfriend are moving to Umbrete finally after a 3 month delay. She will be there all weekend helping to unpack and clean the house while I spend my days trapped inside working on the computer. A movie and a few drinks out tonight will be my only break, but I'm happy to have work! We're looking forward to a night or two in Umbrete once they are all set-up, hopefully before we head to the U.S. in late-July.

Finally I have been a little down as it's the first year in many that I've missed the annual 4th of July fishing trip at Murrells Inlet, SC. The Simpson brothers and I usually spend 4-5 days fishing and drinking, seeing the boat parade and visiting all the places full of characters (like Cedar Hill Boat Landing). It's hard being so far away sometimes, and as much as you can love Seville you will always find times when you really miss home. So I've been checking the weather down there everyday and hope to get a report sometime soon.